Anyone who has ever wondered exactly what a conductor is doing will find the answers in this book. Covering a multitude of issues including technique, player psychology, shirt colours, anecdotes, pencil choices and much more besides, Waving, Not Drowning is the indispensable guide for all budding Maestros.

With the tragic death of co-author and doyen of the podium Barrington Orwell in an as yet unexplained contrabassoon accident, it was left to his colleague and friend Lev Parikian to complete the story on his behalf.

The result is part biography, part coaching manual, all wisdom.

From the profound insights of his professor, the incomparable Etwas Ruhiger, to his views on spectacles management, Orwell’s thoughts, collected in this mercifully short book, will keep you enthralled from Auftakt to ovation.

It will change your view of conducting forever.

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