BARRINGTON ORWELL maintained an incomparable reputation in three-and-a-half decades of almost perpetual employment until his tragic death in an unexplained contrabassoon accident early in 2013. His work as a conductor was without parallel, and critical reaction was copious and unrestrained:

‘…Conductor Barrington Orwell was not able [sic]…’ South Yorkshire Bugle

‘…achieved sounds undreamed of by the composer…’ Berkhamsted Gazette

‘Orwell’s conducting…took the art to a new level…’ Süddeutscher Blatt

‘…quite simply beyond words…’ Torbay Gleaner

‘Incredible…’ Audience member

‘The Beethoven…was…fast…’ Leamington Herald

‘I think it safe to say that in thirty years of concert-going I have yet to see a display of conducting to compare with Orwell’s stupefying effort…’ South West Cotswold and District Newsletter

LEV PARIKIAN was born.

After a tediously lengthy period of growing, he became an adult.

He spends a lot of time standing in front of people waving his arms in the hope that sounds will materialise. He also spends a lot of time staring at a computer screen in the hope that words will materialise.

He lives in London with his [redacted], [redacted], and three domesticated (and, rest assured, entirely neutralised) [redacted].

He has never been to Uzbekistan.