If you want to buy the paperback edition of Waving, Not Drowning, you have (at the moment) two choices.

You can buy it direct from the author for £6.50 + postage & packing. It will arrive in a squidgy jiffy bag, you will get a small selection of Waving, Not Drowning-related goodies, and — get this — it will be signed.

I know.

Try, if you can, to maintain your sangfroid.

Not only that, but it will be signed by the author himself. Not some random who goes around signing other people’s books. The author.

Please fill in the form below  — if you’re shy, you only need say “one copy please”. Unless you want more than one copy, obviously. We will contact you as soon as we can with payment instructions (bank transfer or cheque — yes, there really are still people who use cheques).

Oh yes, nearly forgot. You can also buy it from Amazon. It will arrive in an Amazon bit of cardboard and all you’ll get is the book and a receipt.

Not much of a choice, really, is it?

Buy Waving, Not Drowning from

Buy Waving, Not Drowning from